Emilia Becker


I’m an artist because I create! I believe everyone can be an artist, whether they cook, build, write, or sing. Being able to make something, where there was nothing, is art.

I would describe my medium as anything that gets my point across. I don’t go crazy, painting with paints I’ve made myself or by throwing sand or dirt in to make texture, but I definitely don’t have rules on what I’ll use. I try to make sure my art will last the test of time; I buy and use good quality materials whenever possible, learn how to make paint best adhere to a surface, and varnish, varnish, varnish!

I mainly use acrylic paints because of their flexibility. I add fluid medium to make them behave more like oils, without the long drying time. I enjoy the variety of colours I can make without having to buy them (i.e. with markers or pens). Paints are messy, and bring out my inner child!

Before I call a piece finished, it has to be something I would put up in my own home and be happy seeing every day. Therefore, I think my art reflects what I find visually appealing, whether that be a certain colour scheme or some image I like (why I do so many flowers and landscapes). I really don’t create to please anyone else – or, I don’t try to. I’ve found trying to appeal to other peoples’ tastes never leaves me feeling satisfied. It’s better to learn what other people like, and take it into account. If I’m making a commission for someone, I listen to what they want, and think of how I can make that visually appealing, in my own way!

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